at pathways to education we believe opportunities for learning are not limited to a classroom.

Over the course of their high school career, Pathways students will participate in activities that build the life skills required for them to succeed in any post-secondary endeavour they pursue.


how does it work?

Our group mentoring program unlocks every student's potential by recognizing the importance of ongoing personal development.

  • Bi-weekly activities, workshops, and volunteer opportunities
  • Topics ranging from career exploration to teamwork and leadership

Whether it be a visit to a local post-secondary institution or leading a group of their peers on an outdoor adventure, students will have the opportunity to reflect on how each experience contributes to their growth within one of the five Learning Outcomes with their Youth Advisor.

We are always looking for volunteers to deliver engaging workshops as part of our mentoring program. To find out how you can get involved, contact us to find out how you can help!